Our First Toy Fair


Making an impact

The Christmas holidays were the usual mix of anticipation and excitment, especially to see family back in the South East of England, and planning for the London Olympia Toy Fair with my best friend and Co-founder of Playpress, Matt Wright.

It was Playpress' first time in the beautiful Victorian exhibition hall and we were allocated stand GH69 in the Greenhouse, with all the other new comers. 


We wanted to make an impact and to as many people as possible, so we spent months designing exactly how we wanted our stand to look.

The fulcrum of our exhibition space was our hand crafted market stand, fully stocked with Playpress. We actually designed the stand for when we trade at the world famous Portobello Road market, and it is not only made from giant pieces of our toy, but also smartly dismantles to fit into Matt's 3 door hatch-back.

Matt's sharp skills with a jigsaw cutter also gave birth to Playpress' first two mascots – Doctor Jules and Astro Jamie who flanked our stand and even appeared on the BBC Breakfast show!


We presented a couple of our 'Protoytypes' at the Toy Fair too; The first was our new Town House Playset, which will be the very first set in our XL  Playset range to hit the shelves later this Spring. The new playset will give Playpressers a loving home for their Playpress collection. The first edition will have have a bakery, fairtrade cafe, and even our first Playpress children and dog! We're really excited about the affordable price-point too which will retail around the Β£15 pound mark.

The second 'Protoytype' was for our Customer Display Unit (CDU). We took lots of pre-orders from some great independent toy shops for these, due to the ease with which they will be able to stock and display Playpress by simply unfolding the top of the unit to reveal a pre-made diorama and stock contained inside.

The printed materials were the finishing touches to our stand and we designed T-shirts for the team to wear, posters for the walls of our booth and printed pamphlets, which outlined our key messages and prices.

With our bespoke stand carefully crafted, we were ready to meet some amazing people, equally passionate about inspiring children. We are really excited about 2018, and building on all of the amazing new relationships we have made. We're also incredibly thankful to all of the support our young UK based start-up has received over the last year and hope we can keep inspiring children and adults to 'Build A New World' with us!