New Friends


The Toy Fair at London Olympia was fantastic, and we made some incredible new friends. The Greenhouse area of the toy fair is a space for young companies like Playpress to exhibit, and we had some fantastic neighbours indeed. A couple of other construction toy companies really caught our eyes.


One of which was who have an extremely 'attractive' core to the functionality and branding of their toys. 


There was also the inspirational who encourage young minds to get hands on with architecture.

On top of meeting with these fantastic contemporaries, we also had the pleasure of meeting so many more independent toy stores who loved our message of making affordable, eco-friendly toys for all imaginations. It would take me too long to feature everyone of them, but needless to say, both Matt and myself are very excited about building strong relationships with them.


Our Playpress Monuments service also attracted lots of interest from companies looking to partner with us to create bespoke Playsets for their attractions, services and products. We're currently pitching our concepts and will hopefully be able to post some exciting news regarding these conversations very soon.



Moving forward into March, and we're working hard to finalised the design of our Town House Playset, and are only a few weeks away from delivering our Customer Display Units (CDUs) to all of those lovely toy Indies who have pre-ordered them!

Oh, Fleur and myself also made a trip to Nuremberg 'Spielewarenmesse' 2018 which is not only an absolute mouthful, but also a mammoth seized Toy Fair, around 10x bigger than London's! We'll be there one day, with your support obviously - so spread the our message and help us 'Build A New World!'

Thanks Team!