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Buildable play sets for ages 4-99 year olds.

Create a world of fun and stories with Playpress, a universe of buildable connectable play sets that are made sustainably without plastic. Our sets are designed for ages 4 and upwards, providing hours of construction fun and play. They are made from our unique robust play board, a material that can stand up to demanding play but is also totally recyclable and biodegradable. Check out our range of playsets


Toys designed for better play and a better future.

From how they are designed to the materials we use and where we make our play sets, we know every choice we make may have an impact on the world around us. We strive to make those impacts positive by making an engaging accessible universe of play sets that don’t harm our environment.

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We love trees

We love trees. They are beautiful. As the biggest plants on the planet, we realise that they are vital to the wellbeing of our world. The board we use to make our sets comes from sustainably managed forests in Finland.

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Hands on Play

We want our toys to be fun to play with and to be as inclusive as possible, to enable kids to play with in any way they want. Playpress can help develop key motor skills and help with cognitive reasoning and creative play.

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While our toys are designed to be played with and to be robust, we use materials that are fully recyclable and 100% biodegradable, learn more.

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Made locally

We don’t want our toys to start out by having to travel 1000’s of miles after they are made. That’s why we make everything here in the UK.

Inspiring future life savers

We worked with the RNLI on a toy range for their network of shops

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 Some of the places you can find Playpress

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Bringing science to life

How we partnered with the science museum to make an inspiring new range

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