What can we make for you?

We love to design and make environmentally responsible fun play sets. Recently we’ve been working with some great brands creating really fun toys that generate value for these amazing institutions. So, if you are looking for something that’s new, plastic free and great fun to build and play with we would love to work with you.

Pricing and Quantity

 It is not normally commercially viable to create a new set from scratch without a reasonable assumption of annual sales, otherwise it would impact too heavily on the RSP. Generally, 500 sales per annum would be a starting minimum order quantity. If the product has potential for licensing and sales to other retailers smaller MOQ are possible.

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We can design almost anything. We work closely with clients to get the product just right.

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We provide prototypes of the play sets so you can get a hands-on experience.

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We can brand the packaging and product however you like.

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We make all our products in the UK. This lets us provide quick turn around and a high-quality product that is CE certified.


We have been very lucky to be able to work with the RNLI on a inshore life boat set and an RNLI people set. Together with the licensing team and brand designers we created and manufactured two products from scratch that have an authentic RNLI feel and are amazingly fun to build and play with. The lifeboat set has been nominated for Toy Designer of the Year (Licensed Product), which we are so excited about.

Images_Lifeboat Photo.png
RNLI People.png
Images_Playpress RNLU inshore lifeboat bespoke build photo.png

Science Museum

It was a fantastic opportunity to work with the Science Museum to produce a space range to co-inside with the opening of there newly refurbished shop. Working with there brand designers we created a stand out high impact packing design for three space products. We also designed a set based on one of there most popular pieces the Soyuz return capsule.

SM SoyuzV2.png
Images_Playpress Soyuz capsule photo.png